Our veteran outreach activities, including the trailer, are done with support from the New Mexico Office of Peer Recovery and EngagementMIRECC VISN 19 (Denver), and The QPR Institute.

- Veteran Outreach

Straight Scoop for Vets   and Friends 

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Straight Scoop for Vets and Friends reaches out to veteran's and their families in rural New Mexico in an attempt to bring services that are not readily available to them.  This is done in non traditional outreach locations, from the smallest village up, areas where there are not any veteran related services readily available.  

To aid in this, we have a 27 foot travel trailer converted to a wellness center and coffee bunker.  It is wrapped in a manner that captures the eye when sitting in a remote location and helps draw veteran's and their families in.  The trailer is equipped with computers and wi-fi, satellite dish, and various comforts for convenience of veterans, their friends and families.